Al Hayat Trading Company

KIRBOĞA TEKSTİL İNŞAAT TAŞIMACILIK MEDİKAL TEMİZLİK İTHALATTD İHRACAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET, which holds the tax registry number: 5571165541, was established in 2010

We provide all commercial facilities and offer you through our web application an integrated commercial market within Turkey to shop goods for your commercial establishments and facilitate reliable shipping methods that ensure safety for your goods
Our store is available at your fingertips for all commercial brands in the Turkish market

Why us

Our motto is confidence in dealing and speed in performance to meet your commercial needs
We provide wholesale goods for whatever type you choose and we can find it in your hands in the shortest time
We guarantee the safety and quality of the goods, and effective follow-up on receipt and delivery
We communicate with you continuously and in real time during product selection, during the shipping process, and after delivery

Our agents